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The Wild Rose Tea Shop is located in the historic jail building on the north end of Main Street in Old Town Cottonwood Arizona, near the head of Jail Trail. The jail was the first building in Cottonwood that was built with river cobbles. The building was first used as a Justice Court when it was built in 1929, by 1930 it was necessary to convert the building to a jail due to the influx of bootleg alcohol from Prohibition and the increased amount of criminal activity associated with the bootlegging. Arizona bootleg king, Joe Hall was the first prisoner to be ensconced in the new jail house in 1930. Around this time, Al Capone was known to be hiding out in Arizona after the 1929 St. Valentine’s Day Massacre in Chicago, and visited Cottonwood looking for Arizona bootleggers to help run booze from California to Mexico. Al Capone’s name can be found carved on the outside wall of the jail cell in the back room of the building. The cells themselves appear to be a Navy Brig from a Navy ship.

The building has been used in several Hollywood productions. The Jail was first featured in the 1946 film “Desert Fury” starring Burt Lancaster, then in 1967 the television series Dragnet, “The Hammer”, Season 1, Episode 7 – Aired: 3/2/1967, as well as in “Stay Away Joe” with Elvis Presley.

Currently, the Wild Rose offers over 110 varieties of loose leaf teas and tisanes, all of which are are available iced, hot, or in bulk. A large portion of the our teas are made in beautiful Arizona! Fresh squeezed lemonade is available, as well as Italian cream sodas. Homemade cupcakes with buttercream frosting are offered in a number of flavors.

There is seating inside, in the sitting room, where one can escape the heat and brightness of the day, and enjoy some cool air and soft lighting. Outside, there are two options for seating. For those that enjoy people watching, there are a few tables that are in front of the shop, facing Main Street. If you are looking for a brief respite from the day, and a little commune with nature, we have some shaded garden seating, including a lovely little gazebo.Wild Rose Tea House

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