What to do in Clarkdale, AZ

Clarkdale may be a small destination, but it’s packed full of fun to explore and discover. Here are a few highlights we recommend:
  1. Verde Canyon Railroad: The casual grace of train travel never goes out of style. From the moment you step aboard the renovated vintage train, you are whisked back to a time of luxurious and leisurely train travel. This  3.5 hour excursion takes you on a 20-mile journey through 110 years of history.  verdecanyonrr.com
  2. Violette’s Bakery Cafe: sit outside of an old train car in Clarkdale, watch the world go by, and enjoy a pastry that is out of this world. We kid you not, you will be thinking of it for days, weeks, and months after you enjoy one. Violette’s Bakery Cafe
  3. Clarkdale Kayak Co.: grab some friends, slap on the sunscreen, and rent some kayaks to float the Verde River. You’ll be amazed at the red rock walls, bird watching, cool water, and the peacefulness surrounding the high desert. clarkdalekayak.com
  4. Arizona Copper Art Museum: Starting in towns like Clarkdale, copper leaves, and then blossoms into an amazing story of the worlds’ most beautiful metal.  It is told through a wonderful idea of combining history and stunning artifacts into truly enjoyable exhibits. Visit and explore the history and beauty of copper in Clarkdale. copperartmuseum.com
  5. Chateau Tumbleweed: wine is a thing in Arizona and it’s found a home in Clarkdale too. Get ready to sit, sip, and enjoy at one of the coolest wineries in Arizona. Their logo matches the vibe and you’ll feel at home while you sip and savor. chateautumbleweed.com
  6. Smelter Town Brewery: delivers finely crafted beers, brewed with passion and creativity, all while representing the community of Clarkdale, Arizona. With each innovative beer poured, Smelter Town Brewery remembers the commitment, creativity and passion that goes into the craftsmanship of brewing. smeltertownbrewery.com
Clarkdale may be small, but they are mighty in entertainment, history, wine, food, and so much more. Clarkdale welcomes you and you’ll soon find it’s a place to plan to visit again and again. For more trip planning information and ideas, please visit: experienceclarkdale.com.