The Sustainability Alliance in Sedona Verde Valley

In today’s blog post, we highlight an organization that is working hard to make Sedona Verde Valley more sustainable. The Sustainability Alliance brings together non-profits in north/central Arizona that work towards a more sustainable community whether it’s through land use, transportation, energy, food, waste, water or energy/climate.

Five non-profits coming together

The Sustainability Alliance was founded by five regionally important organizations (Gardens for Humanity, Keep Sedona Beautiful, Sedona Recycles, Verde River Basin Partnership, and World Survival Foundation. The group is now involved in the certification of businesses and their sustainable business practices in the Verde Valley and Sedona area.

Sustainability certification

The certification is a way to recognize and drive business toward companies that do the most for their employees, our community and the environment. There are three levels of certification:
  • Conservationist (BRONZE): These organizations have reduced their negative impacts on the environment and improved the quality of life for employees and communities
  • Innovator (SILVER): These organizations have become producers of sustainable resources, products and energy and are actively influencing customers, suppliers and peers
  • Sustainable (GOLD): These organizations are fully sustainable, meeting globally accepted sustainability standards. They designed their business model around sustainable mission and share power and wealth with employees

New certified businesses in Sedona Verde Valley

6 new organizations just recently received Bronze and Silver certifications for their efforts towards a more sustainable model. These organizations have earned these certifications through different practices such as excellent employment practices (A Taste of Marrakech), compliance with Dark Sky guidelines (Karen Dunlap), integrated pest management’ methods (Karen’s Gluten Free Living), bike repairs for the community (Pedego Sedona Electric Bikes), energy-saving actions (Sedona Vortex), or rigorous recycling (Vino di Sedona).

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They join 17 other businesses in Sedona Verde Valley that have previously earned Silver and Bronze certification. Please favor businesses that make our community better when you visit Sedona Verde Valley. ‘Vote with your wallet’ by looking for the Sustainable Business Certification on the Who’s Certified page.