Boutique Shopping in Sedona

Imagine that you are on a trip through the Southwest, and you want to bring home mementos for yourself, family and friends. Sedona—a city teeming with artists and artisans; boutiques, galleries and one-of-a-kind shops; annual festivals and open-studio events—is a perfect place to find that special something.

Sedona has more than 50 galleries, food emporiums, New Age metaphysical shops, specialty stores, antiques and even an outlet shopping district, with both national stores and local businesses.

In Sedona’s shops there are numerous one-of-a-kind gift items that are not available elsewhere as well as classic favorites, such as name-brand sporting goods, clothing, books, CDs, toys and electronics.

When you shop in Sedona, you are likely to be delighted and surprised. There is so much to discover—from Native American crafts and healing gemstones to outdoor wind sculptures and many whimsical and handmade items. You can take home a hand-carved walking stick or wooden flute or perhaps a blown-glass bottle stopper, a custom-made bird house or healthy treats for your pet.

There so many styles of art in great abundance that there is surely a piece to win every heart. Sedona’s world-class galleries feature original paintings and multi-media works, jewelry, photography, sculpture, pottery, rugs, art glass, woven textiles, hand-crafted furniture and collectible kachinas and fetishes. Both seasoned and beginning collectors agree that Sedona is one of the best places in the world to buy fine art and jewelry! There are so many options for every budget.

Two popular stops for made-in-Sedona gifts include the Sedona Arts Center gift store, which represents dozens of local artists, and the Sedona Heritage Museum shop that offers many quaint items with a historic flair, such as wooden pens made from the fruit trees on its property. Other Sedona products around town include candles; cactus jellies; bath, body and facial goods, custom-fitted Western boots—even a limited edition of wrist watches produced in the Swiss style.

Large items can be shipped, but you might want to pack an extra bag for those small treasures you will want to carry with you.

Sedona features five major business areas generally classified by geography and history:

  • The Original Uptown: a favorite of tourists, and the perfect spot to shop boutiques, galleries, and souvenir shops.
  • West Sedona: often called the real town by residents. The Hwy 89A strip in West Sedona is a more traditional shopping and service area, which is very important to the lucky people who live here.
  • Tlaquepaque Arts and Crafts Village: The village is a 30-year-old collection of Spanish-style buildings and is where you can find many of Sedona’s unique galleries and crafts!
  • The Hwy 179 corridor: This includes Hillside and Hozho, and sometimes is called the gallery district.
  • Village of Oak Creek: an unincorporated community south of Sedona. The Village of Oak Creek provides an array of shopping opportunities from major outlet stores such as Tommy Hilfiger and the Gap to local arts and craft shops.

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