Only in Sedona Verde Valley

rainbow red rocks   Sedona Verde Valley is a unique place known for its startling beauty, invigorating adventure, distinctive culture and unforgettable experiences. Because we believe this area is so special, we wanted to highlight the special things that you can only enjoy in Sedona Verde Valley. 

Iconic Southwestern Landscapes

A wonderland of more than 100 stunning trails, people travel from all over the nation to take in Sedona Verde Valley’s majestic natural landscapes—particularly Sedona’s looming red rock formation. 
  • A great way to experience the iconic red rocks is by hiking, driving, biking, or horseback riding through national state parks and forests. For starters, take in the view at the aptly named Red Rock State Park. Trails throughout the 286 acre nature preserve wind through manzanita and juniper to reach the rich banks of Oak Creek and hills of red rock.
  • You can also enjoy panoramic views of the Red Rocks at Coconino National Forest, which is one of the most diverse National Forests in the country. Coconino National Forest not only features red rocks, but also Ponderosa Pine Forests and alpine tundra.
  • Woodchute Trail in Prescott National Forest will lead you to the 7,834-foot summit of Woodchute Mountain, the highest peak in the Black Hills. Once out of the forest line, you will have an amazing bird’s-eye view of Verde Valley, Sedona, Red Rocks and the San Francisco Peaks.
  • For those headed north from Camp Verde, Red Rock Secret Mountain offers the best red rock experience around. Composed of a rugged landscape, it offers great views, secret hideaways and sandstone arches.
For more information about all of these sites plus a listing of other trails, national parks, and monuments in the area, read about outdoor experiences in Sedona Verde Valley.

A Thriving Art Scene

In such a beautiful landscape,  it’s no surprise that local artists are inspired to create beautiful, colorful, and imaginative pieces. Sedona Verde Valley has a burgeoning art scene that is not to be missed. Here are a few of the galleries that make Sedona Verde Valley so extraordinary:
  • Tlaquepaque Arts and Crafts Village is a complex that houses 45 craft shops and galleries. Considered the “Art and Soul” of Sedona, numerous small galleries featuring local artists are tucked away within the village. Meander by fountains and courtyards as you sift through handmade crafts or watch artists work on site. 
  • Raku Gallery represents over 200 artists predominately from the Southwest. Within this spacious gallery, you will find an eclectic collection of fine art and crafts including paintings, ceramics, free-blown glass, jewelry, sculpture and furniture.
  • Jerome Art Walk welcomes visitors to the mile high town on the first Saturday of every month. Galleries and studios are open from 5 to 8pm with a free shuttle to the 25 venues. Show openings, music and refreshments are around every corner on this festive night. 
  • Gallery 527 features the very best of local Arizona artists. Housed in a beautifully renovated 100 year old building, this lovely gallery showcases exquisite ceramics, glasswork, painting, jewelry, furniture and photography. 
  • Village Gallery is a cooperative gallery composed of over 40 local artists. Inside, you can meet the artists who work at the gallery every day and view artworks ranging from pottery, photography, mixed media, copper art, gourds, Native American art, pencil art, wood carvings, and more. 

Metaphysical Experiences

Over 4 million visitors a year come to experience Sedona Verde Valley’s vortex sites. A vortex is a place in nature where the earth is reportedly exceptionally alive with swirling energy. Vortex sites are often identifiable by the surrounding trees that exhibit swirling or twisting in their trunks due to the powerful energy. People have reported different other-worldly experiences when near a vortex. Some feel an uplifting sense of joy and rejuvenation. Others report a healing energy that makes sense of lost memories or past lives. To experience these energies yourself, visit one of Sedona Verde Valley’s four main vortexes: Cathedral Rock Vortex, Airport Mesa Vortex, Boynton Canyon Vortex, and Bell Rock Vortex. Read more about vortex tours, retreats, or hikes.

Wine Tasting

In 2015, Sedona Verde Valley was listed as one of four unmissable American wine regions. An underrated wine scene, Sedona Verde Valley boasts award-winning wines and picture-perfect vineyards nestled into magnificent canyons. Many are surprised that vineyards thrive in Sedona Verde Valley’s rocky landscape and fluctuating climate, but in fact grapes like a stressful life. The more stressed they are, the more concentrated their juice is–which means better quality. Sedona Verde Valley’s extreme temperatures also stress the grapes. Heat during the day helps with sugar production and cool nights assist with acid retention. All that coupled with high altitude and nutrient-rich soil, Sedona Verde Valley boasts ideal conditions for wine-making, perfect for producing a variety of skillfully crafted wines that’s bound to complement any wine-lover’s palate. To experience the best of Sedona Verde Valley’s wineries, a good place to start is the Verde Valley Wine Trail.