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Sedona Poké Restaurant just became a Certified Sustainable Business

Ryan Nichols may have rescued your computer in the past, but now he’s focused on pleasing your taste buds. After running a successful computer repair shop, Nichols wanted to try his hand at food – so he turned over management of the repair business and opened Sedona Poké restaurant right next door.

Nichols purchased all new, energy-efficient equipment for the kitchen and is already seeing large savings on electricity costs. He also made sure absolutely everything in the restaurant is movable so it’s easy to clean behind the appliances—even the big refrigerators.

All employees are cross-trained which makes scheduling easy and offers variety in the work day. It also builds an understanding of the entire business so team members can make improvement suggestions.

Busy times in a restaurant can be stressful, but Nichols works to maintain a relaxed atmosphere and open communication with the staff. It helps that he works alongside everyone else to help create an excellent experience for customers.

Employees get a discount at Snap Fitness – West Sedona (another Certified Sustainable Business), to help them stay healthy, and Snap members can receive a discount on their Poké bowl after a workout.

The model for a Poké restaurant is serving food in disposable bowls. Nichols purchases bowls made of sugarcane fiber that can customers can compost in their backyard compost bin or with a service such as Compost Crowd. Some sustainability-minded customers bring their own reusable bowls to the restaurant, which is even better!