New Ryal Canyon Trailhead

Are you ready for a new hiking adventure, specifically one that’s off of the beaten path and maybe is not as well known? Maybe you’ve tackled Devil’s Bridge, Doe Mesa, the Jail Trail, and you’re ready for something new. Want to feel on top of the world with plenty of views? Ryal Canyon Trail is for you! Located in Camp Verde, easy to find, and well marked, the Ryal Canyon Trailhead is scenic, will take your breath away from the views, and a little bit because of the elevation climb. It’s one of those hikes you’ll need to be prepared to take and will be glad you did. Lace up the hiking shoes, pack your snacks, water, sunscreen, and the camera. As you arrive, you’ll find a well marked trailhead, plenty of parking, and even a restroom before you set foot on the trail. Make note of the facts about the trail, familiarize yourself with where you are, lock the car, and off you go.
Open the gate, the climb has begun, and as you keep your eyes on the trail, don’t forget to look up and turn around. You’ll soon see why you’ll feel like you’re on top of the world! The view will take you all the way to the San Francisco Peaks in Flagstaff, the red rocks of Sedona, Mingus Mountain with Jerome and Cottonwood, and the meandering trees from the Verde River. You’ll feel like you’ve viewed all of Sedona Verde Valley in less than an hour of hiking time. But, don’t stop there. Make it a goal to get to the top and relish in the accomplishment and crossing a new hike off of your ever growing list. Not to mention, you’ll have bragging rights for conquering one of the newest hikes in all of Sedona Verde Valley.
Take your time as you hike your way down and see if you spot any of the fossilized bones or fragments known to be found in the area. Imagine what it was like when camels, sabertooth tigers and mammoths once roamed the area. Keep your eyes open for a possible sighting of a javelina, turkey vulture, or coyote heading home after a hunt or exploration.
As you return to your parked vehicle, take advantage of one of the shaded picnic tables and unpack a lunch, enjoy the peace and quiet of the area. Then, head into downtown Camp Verde for some antique shopping, a massage, a stop in at the visitor center, or even some wine tasting. For more information about Camp Verde, click here for their website.