Leave No Trace

Visiting Sedona Verde Valley is an exciting and often bucket list experience. There’s nothing like capturing that view you’ve been dreaming of and sharing the memories of the epic experience with friends and family online or in person. The only thing that can take away from that moment: when there’s garbage, feces, graffiti, or other damage to the natural surroundings.
We want to make sure the epic views and beautiful surroundings are here for your grandchildren, great grandchildren, and their offspring. So, let’s share some ideas for what can be done from Leave No Trace:
  • Plan ahead and prepare
  • Travel and camp on durable surfaces
  • Dispose of waste properly
  • Leave what you find
  • Minimize campfire impacts
  • Respect wildlife
  • Be considerate of other visitors
“Pack it in, Pack it out” is a familiar mantra to seasoned wildland visitors. Any user of recreation lands has a responsibility to clean up before he or she leaves. Inspect your campsite and rest areas for trash or spilled foods. Pack out all trash and garbage. (Leave No Trace) By planning ahead, bringing bags for dog waste, carrying all of your garbage out, it’s a small but easy way to make sure you leave no trace. It may sound simple and a bit like common sense, but our trails are being loved, loved to the point of damage, and these reminders are more important than ever.
We ask you, visitors to Sedona Verde Valley, to help ensure the views remain as beautiful for the next person and their bucket list when they visit. Explore the Leave No Trace website, make plans with your friends and family to care for the environment, and make it a part of your travel plans.
We can’t wait to welcome you to Sedona Verde Valley!