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Kids can “Explore, Learn, Protect” Sedona Verde Valley as Junior Rangers

We are lucky to count six different state and national protected areas, all easily accessible, in Sedona Verde Valley. From breathtaking natural sites to ancient cliff dwellings, Sedona Verde Valley has much to offer for everyone who comes to visit. And while it’s easy for adults to admire the beauty of the scenery or the history, kids are sometimes not as receptive to our natural and historical heritage.

Arizona State Parks the answer! Kids ages of 6 to 12 can become Junior Rangers at many of the parks in Sedona Verde Valley. This program is designed to teach kids about the beauty of our parks and the importance of preserving them for future visitors.

Before visiting the Valley, make sure to download and print the Junior Ranger activity sheet for each park to get your kids started. You can find puzzles, games and educational activities that will give your kids a first taste of their visit to Sedona Verde Valley. Have your kids complete the activities and bring them with you on your visit. At the park, ask for a full Junior Ranger booklet at the Visitor Center, Ranger Station or office. After successfully completing the activities and learning a little bit about the sites, your kids will take the Junior Ranger Pledge and get sworn in as Junior Rangers. They will receive a Junior Ranger Button specific to each state park.

Your kids will love it and you could soon find yourself collecting Junior Ranger Buttons during your stay in Sedona Verde Valley!

Download your Junior Ranger activity sheets for six different protected areas here: