Halloween in Jerome

This season, October is one of the best months to visit a real ghost town in Jerome, Arizona. The shorter days and cool crisp air summon the town’s spirits just in time for Halloween. This former mining town of 15,000 residents was once labeled as the “Wickedest town of the West,’ due to its haunted buildings, eerie history, and lingering ghosts.

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Because Jerome was a mining town in the Wild West, many mining accidents occurred both inside the mine and outside the town, including gunfights and . To this day, its residents say the town is haunted mainly because of its tumultuous past. Lawrence Memorial Hall, also known as “Spook Hall” is said to have a tall, lanky ghost right outside its main door. The ghost can be seen at night, walking around the outside of the Hall until it suddenly vanishes through the night. The Mile High Inn, an old hardware store turned into one of the most important inns in the area, is also said to be crawling with ghosts–literally. The inn has a cat ghost that makes its appearance on guest’s beds. At night, guests can also hear whistling coming from the bar area, and visitors have witnessed objects falling from the walls or sliding through the shelves. There’s also the Jerome Grand Hotel, said to be one of the most haunted buildings in the State of Arizona.

But don’t let the town’s ghostly appearance fool you. Halloween brings large groups of people from all over to to take part in the Fall festivities, making Jerome one of the most popular places to spend the night during Halloween. There’s a Ghost Walk that features actors in period costumes in a re-telling of Jerome’s bone-chilling history. There’s also a Halloween Dance Party at “Spook Hall,” a Halloween Ball, and a variety of ghost tours called, “Spirit Walks,” for the more curious adventure-seeker. Residents say that even the streets and bars are decorated to help set the mood for the night.

If you do decide to visit Jerome during this enchanting time, make sure you book in advance. Hotels and Inns tend to be fully booked six months prior to Halloween. We recommend the Ghost City Inn, or the Connor Hotel of Jerome. Don’t forget to stop by the Gallery 527 and see some of the best artwork (and awesome Halloween decorations) from Northern Arizona after all of the Halloween festivities are over!