Our Favorite Swimming Holes in Sedona Verde Valley

Fossil Creek. Image: Alan Stark

Fossil Creek. Image: Alan Stark

Looking for a place to cool down after basking in the bright summer sun? Sedona Verde Valley is full of refreshing swimming holes throughout the region. While Slide Rock is the most popular and well-known swimming hole in the region and is definitely worth a visit, we wanted to share SVV’s stunning hidden gems with you. So grab your bathing suit, pack the car with towels and snacks, and head to these swimming holes for a day of swimming and sunbathing!

1. Bull Pen

Bull Pen is 15 miles east of Camp Verde  and is located along West Clear Creek. To get to there, you’ll have to drive down a 5-mile road then hike almost a mile, but the cool water is well worth the trek! The north side of the creek features a shallow and sandy, pebble-bottomed beach perfect for wading with little ones. The deepest parts farther out into the creek reach around 10 feet. Don’t worry about strong currents, though; Bull Pen has a calm flow that is easy to swim in. For cliff diving, the other end of the creek boasts a rock formation with several jumping points, perfect for diving from any safe height.

2. The Crack

Wet Beaver Creek is home to The Crack, a spot of paradise in the hot desert. As you hike along the creek, there are several swimming spots along your journey. But the water at The Crack is shockingly cool, sure to bring you relief in the dry heat. There are also places of all height from which to jump.

Cathedral Rock at Red Rock Crossing

Cathedral Rock at Red Rock Crossing. Image credit: Adam Baker

3. Fossil Creek

Known as a wild and scenic river, Fossil Creek is a popular choice among locals and visitors alike. Not just meant for swimming, Fossil Creek is a perfect place to hike and birdwatch as well. Bring water shoes to protect your feet, as some surfaces are rocky, especially near the waterfalls. Be sure to buy a permit before you head to Fossil Creek, and for information about road conditions contact the Fossil Creek Hotline at 928-226-4611.

4. Grasshopper Point

Located along Oak Creek, Grasshopper Point is surrounded by shady, tranquil scenery. Grasshopper point has limited parking and spots are taken quickly during the weekend, so make sure to get there early. Bring water shoes to protect your feet and get ready for some fun and relaxation.

5. Red Rock Crossing

With a stunning vista of Cathedral Rock and warm water temperatures, Red Rock Crossing is an oasis in Sedona that is extremely popular but not as crowded as nearby Slide Rock. The prime swimming hole is about 1/10 of a mile from the parking area and has shade, beach, and picnic tables.

There is so much to do in Sedona Verde Valley during all four seasons. Check out what else this region has to offer!