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Experience Sedona Verde Valley’s Vortexes and Spiritual Hotspots

Sedona is well-known for its spiritual enhancement of the mind, body, and soul. Its natural geomagnetic points are said to promote healing, balance and spirituality for people who seek guidance. These geomagnetic points are called “vortexes,” and people from all over the world visit each year in hopes of finding a deeper meaning to their life-long adventure. A vortex is a funnel that is usually created by spiraling or whirling wind or fluid. However, the vortexes in Sedona are funnels of energy derived from the earth. Sedona has four vortexes of subtle energy, located on the breathtaking views of the red rocks. bell rock vortex sedona verde valley Vortex enthusiasts claim that funnels are a portal for celestial spirits, and the areas where the vortexes are located will make you feel a range of sensations. A Sedona vortex tour can be experienced in several ways, as there are tours for all kinds of spirits. Visitors can take a Jeep tour to the different vortex points around Sedona and experience every vortex in its own special metaphysical way, or perhaps even take a guided yoga and meditation tour on a vortex. The energy brought by the different vortexes has resulted in a large, spiritual community moving to the area. For example, Bell Rock is one of Sedona’s most known Vortex Meditation sites. It is an area that is best for serenity and solving problems from a higher (spiritual) perspective. For decades seekers from around the world have used Bell Rock for inspiration. This community has brought with them different spiritual practices and healing alternatives you won’t want to miss. Whether you’re seeking to find some inner peace, or watch the sunset over the Red Rocks during a sunset yoga session, Sedona holds your next adventure. We recommend the Sedona Spirit and Hiking Vortex Tours to get you started, or the Scientific Sedona Vortex Tours. There’s even a yoga festival in early march. And don’t forget to stop by the Natgeo tourism site to learn about Sedona recommendations from the locals themselves.