How to Beat the Heat in Sedona Verde Valley

Rainbow in Sedona Arizona

Rainbow after a cooling rain shower in Sedona, AZ. Image: Stacey Egan

Summer is often the season when people living in the Valley of the Sun escape to a cooler valley–Sedona Verde Valley. Situated at an altitude of 4,500 feet, Sedona Verde Valley is located above the harsh desert heat which keeps temperatures cooler. Sedona Verde Valley is the perfect place to spend summer outside of cities like Phoenix and Scottsdale, where temperatures reach triple-digits and it’s hotter than a shirtless Liam Hemsworth eating jalapeños. Find relief in Sedona Verde Valley, where the weather is typically 20° F (10° C) cooler than in Phoenix and summer nighttime lows average in the mid-60s (° F). 

But that can still be pretty hot, and summer temperatures in Sedona Verde Valley may be warm for visitors unaccustomed to the Arizona heat. While the deep blue skies are a stunning sight to see, you can also look forward to the relief of afternoon rain storms at the hottest part of the day. From July to early September, Sedona Verde Valley experiences its rainy season. The storms usually last no more than an hour, and are known for their unique pink lightning and majestic double rainbows. And don’t worry, the skies will clear well in time for evening stargazing.

For other ways to keep cool in Sedona Verde Valley, each town has something to offer. For example:

  • Campe Verde‘s scenic Bell Trail wanders along Wet Beaver Creek and into its deep, shady pools where you can go for a swim
  • Enjoy Sedona Verde Valley’s landscape without enduring a sweaty hike with Clarkdale‘s Verde Canyon Railroad
  • Maybe even float above the desert heat in a hot air balloon ride with Red Rocks Balloons in Sedona
Hot air balloon over Sedona

Hot air balloon over Sedona. Image credit: Thales

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