Best activities to experience Sedona Verde Valley’s wildlife and nature this Spring

In Sedona Verde Valley, Spring is the most enjoyable season for outdoor activities with cool and pleasant temperatures. It is also a great time to observe and experience the wide variety of wildlife and nature that the area has to offer. It’s truly a magical scenery when the desert terrain bursts into a canvas of colors as desert wildflowers bloom during this period.

Nature is everywhere and a hike along any of Sedona Verde Valley’s trails is a great way to witness it and to maybe observe some of the Valley’s most famous residents such as the bald eagle and the javelina, the famous local desert dweller. But for people who want to learn more and experience the area with a local expert, we put together a list of the best ways to explore the nature and wildlife of our beautiful area!

Red Rock State Park

Once a month, volunteer guides at Red Rock State Park organize Ethnobotany hikes  for both beginner and experienced hikers alike. You can learn more about the native plants and trees and how plant life is interconnected with indigenous cultures, pioneer settlers, people in our contemporary times and wildlife. The next hike is happening on March 26th, be sure to check it out! Visitors interested in bird watching should attend one of the bi-weekly Bird Walks organized year round by the park rangers. These tours are a great way to learn more about the the many feathered friends that call the park home. Tours are every Wednesday and Saturday morning.

Verde Canyon Railroad

All nature lovers will enjoy the Raptor and Wildlife Presentations once a month at Verde Canyon Railroad. There, you can learn about raptors and other native Sedona wildlife at the depot and on the train. Handlers will answer questions and pose for photos during depot patio presentation. By partnering with Arizona’s Liberty Wildlife, Verde Canyon Railroad provides visitors the opportunity to see majestic owls, wild raptors and even a rescued bald eagle. You can also see majestic bald eagles in their natural habitat from the train. Through the years eagles have cohabited with the daily passing of the train, much to the delight of passengers and crews.

Pink Jeep Tours

Although all of Pink Jeep Tours with experienced local guides are great ways to learn more about the Sedona Verde Valley’s wildlife, the Wrangler Tour takes it up a notch. This excursion takes you for a ride in a world-famous Pink Jeep Tours off-road vehicle, then down an authentic desert trail by horseback—all in the same day. Your horse wrangler is also trained in tour guide narration and ready to share stories about all you’ll find along this trail including wildlife and nature but also geology and urban legends.